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DADA 1916-1922

LHOOQ_Marcel Duchamp

Dada was an art movement born out of reaction to the First World War. Dada was a major influence on Surrealism, and both these movements had dramatic influences on the art movements that were to follow. Both these movements challenged and scorned traditional norms of society.

During WWI Zurich, Switzerland, remained neutral. This then became the first important art centre for the new movement, because of the young men and women who fled here as exiles and protestors against the war that was sweeping Europe.  Among them was the German writers Hugo Ball and Richard Huelsenbeck, Rumanian Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco, Alsatian painter, sculptor and writer Jean Arp, and the German painter Hans Richter. These artists are mainly associated with Zurich Dada.

The Zurich artists began doing an important re-evaluation of traditions, norms and logic, and even of the accepted ideas of beauty and order, that had for centuries now dominated art. They began expressing their reactions to and the “madness” of the War.

The main aim of Dada was to shock traditional society and with this shock-value, carry out their message of anti-reason and anti-war. Dada was a state of mind rather than a true art movement, and Dadaists felt that logic and reason had caused the war, therefore they were against it.



Gothic girl with cross

Let’s start right at the beginning and clear away a few harsh and unnecessary misconceptions. 

I wrote this article because I believe there is a major cause for concern for the welfare of many, many young teenagers and adults, who are wrongfully being labelled as Satanists by ignorant and uninformed people – they themselves may be misled.

The Daily Voice reported on May 30, 2012, about shocking cases of Satanism in Cape schools. Unfortunately, Goths and Emo’s were also mentioned, without making it clear that these two cultures have in fact, absolutely nothing to do with Satanism.

The definition of Satanism is as follows: Satanism is a group of religions composed of a diverse number of ideological and philosophical beliefs and social phenomena. Their shared features include symbolic association with, admiration for the character of, and even veneration of Satan or similar rebellious, promethean, and liberating figures. (Wikipedia)

SATANISM is a religion, very real and threatening. It is propagated by certain musical bands, TV programmes, books and other media. But it is a religion, a belief, like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism etc.

GOTHIC and EMO are cultures. Please take very clear note of this. The Gothic movement is a CULTURE – therefore any person of any religion can partake in it. As the South African culture is to watch rugby, drink beer, braai and complain, so is Goth a culture dedicated to the morbid, the mystic and romantic art.